About Us

In an increasingly global world, it's more important than ever for students to learn multiple languages. Research has shown that the best time for students to learn languages is when they are young.

Unfortunately, there are not many programs on the market specifically crafted for elementary learners. Bee Bilingual is the school-based solution to this issue.

Mission Statement
Bee Bilingual provides engaging, affordable online language instruction to ensure that all kids get the opportunity to learn a new language.  

Our Story
The idea for Bee Bilingual came about during the years our co-founder, Elizabeth, worked as an elementary Spanish teacher in Washington, DC. Quite often, she found herself teaching students who were eager to learn, but weren’t able to attain even a basic level of proficiency due to the limited time and resources allotted for language instruction. In today’s world, speaking multiple languages is not only beneficial, but, in some fields, a requirement for students’ future careers. Elizabeth began to wonder if there was an affordable way to make sure that every child had the opportunity to learn another language.


After some research, she realized that there weren’t many options available for elementary schools to meet this need. As Elizabeth discussed this problem with her brother, Phil, they decided they wanted to do something about it. Phil came on board as co-founder and, with Elizabeth’s background in teaching and curriculum development and his knowledge of finance and business, Bee Bilingual was formed!