Lessons at Home

How the Program Works

A parent/guardian purchases Bee Bilingual

lessons for their child/children.

The day and time that the lessons will take place each week is agreed upon by the parent/guardian and Bee Bilingual. The parent/guardian provides the computer or tablet and headset that the student will use during their lessons.

The student is pretested and trained on how to use Zoom, the virtual meeting platform on which the program is facilitated. 

Based on their pretest results and their unique educational needs, students are matched with a trained Bee Bilingual teacher. Generally, this teacher will work with them for the duration of the program. 

Students participate in lessons online using live video between them and their Bee Bilingual teacher.

Bee Bilingual teachers leave feedback to track student progress after each lesson, which can be viewed online by parents/guardians.


Lessons are recorded and available online as well.

Students cycle through the lessons and are posttested to measure knowledge growth after the program is done.

Program Pricing and Next Steps


Home-based lesson prices

25-minute virtual session for a child or children at home

Cost per Student 

1:1 Student to Virtual Teacher

$17 per class per student

2:1 Student to Virtual Teacher

$14 per class per student

3:1 Student to Virtual Teacher*

$12 per class per student

Additional Details

      *The 3:1 student to teacher option is available only for students in 3rd grade and above.

  • 1:1 means one student and one teacher connect on Zoom (the online meeting platform we use) during each lesson; 2:1 means two students and one teacher connect with each other; 3:1 means three students and one teacher connect with each other. Due to the way Zoom functions, each student will still need their own laptop or tablet during 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 lessons. 

  • Times and start dates are flexible. We can arrange a program length that works for your child's needs. We do require the purchase of at least five lessons to get started with Bee Bilingual.  

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