What does our curriculum cover?

Standards Alignment

All levels of Bee Bilingual's elementary Spanish curriculum are aligned with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines

By the end of the 36 lessons that make up our Level 1 Spanish curriculum, students satisfy ACTFL’s Novice-Low and Novice-Mid proficiency guidelines. By the end of the 36 lessons in our Level 2 Spanish curriculum, students satisfy ACTFL's Novice-High proficiency guidelines.   

Assessment & Progress Monitoring

Before beginning lessons, all new students are pretested by their Bee Bilingual virtual teacher. This allows students to start at the appropriate point within the 36-lesson continuum – for example, some students may start at lesson 1 while others will begin at lesson 10 or 11.


While the curriculum follows a spiral pattern – vocabulary and sentence patterns are reviewed from session to session - students are also given a short quiz every five lessons to assess content and pronunciation retention and mastery. Virtual teachers fill out a student feedback form after each lesson to provide narrative information about the student’s ability to master the pronunciation and content objective for that day.


Finally, when that teaching term has come to an end, virtual teachers administer a posttest to all students. This allows teachers to compare and quantify student growth throughout the term. All the information outlined above is available to be shared with students’ families and teachers, as requested.

If you'd like to see a brief overview of what our ACTFL-aligned Level 1 Novice-Mid Spanish curriculum includes, please click here